Taylor is a mental health therapist, speaker, and writer. through years of studying wellness and extensive hands on research with disparate + underrepresented communities, she grew inspired to help increase access to wellness resources for women that looked like her. Taylor earned her M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and aims to facilitate the healing of others by curating safe spaces that encourage the self-actualization of black and brown women. 

founder + creator-in-chief

taylor blossom, M.S.

Hana was born & raised in Washington, D.C. and thoroughly enjoys reading, writing, wellness, and all things beauty related. her background is curated with a focus on strategic communications, PR, and brand identity, which she is eager to help contribute to the elevation of Well Wildflower. hana is most passionate about providing representation for other women of color by articulating the intersection of wellness and womanhood from that perspective.

 co-founder + brand manager

hana ford

Adrienne is a chicago native with an extensive background in multimedia journalism. she is most passionate about providing marketing and brand elevation services to companies whose work is in alignment with her fresh and innovative perspective.  adrienne lives by the motto “adversity brings diversity” and is determined to highlight the art form that is expanding and diversifying the reach of a brand.

brand strategist

adrienne lewis



our collective goal is to actively cultivate a space (both digitally and tangibly) where women of color are free to exist within the empowered version of their selves.


like that of a wildflower, which is capable of blossoming in any condition or environment, we aim to serve as a mindful memo that our power remains both accessible and infinite.