on creating safe spaces for women of color

One of the rituals that I have cultivated for myself is to practice deep introspection on Sundays as a way to check my own personal alignment with the source and my purpose. After struggling with crippling waves of depression throughout the last thirteen years of my life, I have come to find that doing shadow work (investigating, evaluating, and analyzing the roots of the darker parts of our worldview) is immensely difficult and isolating if we allow it to be. When we journey through the areas of our mentality that we are not so proud of, we can get stuck in the belief that we are our thoughts, and that is completely self-deprecating.

From my own personal experiences coupled with working in the mental health field, I have grown increasingly interested in how we can create a balance between feeling safe and doing the necessary difficult work that leads to emotional freedom. I have suffered in silence. I have considered escape. I have worked with clients whose lack of connectedness to others has stifled their view of themselves. I have worked with women who were in search of the end. There is merit in all of this. There is a deeper knowing within us all that yearns to be acknowledged, and that's just it. For those women in search of the end, my team and I are here to offer it to you; not the end of your life, as it is far too beautiful for us to allow that, but the end of a lived experience that does not feel safe. For those women seeking escape, we are here to offer it to you; not an escape from the world, as there is still so much to be seen and known and felt, but an escape from a life that does not serve every facet of your being.

In my own darkness, I was accompanied by a fragment of hope, that some day there would be space for me, and that hope kept me here. But what I did not know was that I was not just depressed, I was curious, I knew there was more for me but I did not know how to access it. Come to find out, it was not accessible because it needed to be created, by me, by women like me, for me, for women like me. So ironically enough, I allowed my curiosity to lead me to exactly where you find yourself right now, the Well Wildflower website, a literal space for women of color to explore themselves through representative community and raw vulnerability. So when I navigate through my ritual of asking myself if I am aligned with my reason for being, the answer is yes, I am here to serve and this space that the WW team and I are submitting into the universe aims to do just that.

From the part of myself that I am most deeply connected to, I thank you for visiting, I thank you for reading, I thank you for sharing, and I thank you for being willing enough to explore the possibilities that we are presenting.

We are just getting started. Prepare for the work to be done and the abundance to come.

Happy Sunday,

Taylor A.

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