breathe and ground.

If I were to ask you what your number one stressor was, you would most likely respond with something financial. Even if money is not your number one stressor currently, research shows that there was probably a time when it was.

While money is a constant need, and we all know that in order to obtain it we have to do some sort of labor, jobs can be high stressors as well so we would do well to reshape our workhorse mentality altogether. Obsessing over tasks, dealing with various personalities across all of our different coworkers, handling correspondence, and wearing our professional "masks" all come with the territory. That's not to say that joy cannot come from work or exist in the workspace, but it is to say that even if you love your job, there are aspects of your job that still cause stress

It is important to not let anything stress you out to a point where your mental/physical health are ever in question - so we have to ask ourselves the question: how can we best perform and function as efficiently as possible?

Being an educator, I am constantly giving so much of myself. I have to remember to pause and take a few moments for myself because I am essentially doing my students a disservice if I am not operating from my best self. I'm growing my wellness practice and using some of these tools to destress in any given moment, because sometimes you need respite from challenges right away.

When things get overwhelming, try these different tricks to help you stay grounded:

  1. Take a walk. Whether you sit at a desk all day, or work somewhere that you are constantly moving, take 10 minutes and walk. When you are feeling mentally tired or even physically tired, a walk will help energize you, contrary to what you may think. Studies have shown a short walk can provide you with enough energy to replace your afternoon coffee or tea! Luckily for me, the school I work at is huge, and just taking a few laps around helps me clear my head and perks me up to continue with the rest of my day.

  2. Sniff or diffuse some essential oils. If you have an area where you can keep a mini diffuser in your space, I encourage you to drop some peppermint oil or any citrus blend in a diffuser, or if not, take a few whiffs and rub it on your wrists. Peppermint, lemon, orange and grapefruit oils energize, awaken and boost your mood. Taking a few moments to close your eyes and breathe in the aroma will help perk you up and give you the energy you need to bang out that last task of the day.

  3. Meditate. If there is somewhere quiet you can sneak off to take just five minutes to close your eyes and focus on the breath, do it. I sometimes even go to my car to meditate. It is such a wonder what just a few quick minutes of meditation will do for your anxiety and stress levels.

  4. Journal. Even if you don’t take your journal to work, grab a post it or a sheet of paper and jot down some positive affirmations. Repeat them to yourself the rest of the day and watch how your mood improves when you are speaking positively over yourself and your day.

Though we often stress about our performance in life, we want to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves first and that's starts with practices of presence. Because our performance is always as well as we are.


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