minimalism vs maximalism for the woosah conscious mind.

Yes, I said it for the woosah conscious mind.

A phrase from my good friend Kiera of

Often times when moving into our new spaces we get overwhelmed when decorating.

Some of us want to keep it minimal while still expressing every ounce of ourselves.

Others want to jump in full throttle and decorate to the extreme.

Either way it’s all about your personal style and preference.

Having the honor to style your home and create a sanctuary where we dwell and evolve is indeed a privilege.

I know most of us want to live in a home that looks like it’s fresh out of a magazine spread.

When in all reality having a place like that isn’t practical.

Understanding what our taste is how we go about enhancing our living environment.

Understanding what our souls and minds desire is the key to balance.

Minimalism is all about clean lines, empty spaces, neutral color palettes and discrete patterns.

Ridding yourself of clutter and introducing yourself to the art that is simplicity.

To break it down even deeper it’s all about realizing what is truly necessary.

This opens up your space and mind to focus.

Minimalist decor is all about storage, organization, and accessibility.

A minimalist room can feature neutral or naturally toned walls, with possibly a simple piece of art on the wall.

Simple furniture, of course nothing too distracting just plain but still being able to represent your persona.

Minimalism is all about de-cluttering and your environment being open enough for you to move freely and think without causing pressure.

Minimalism is not about being bland and boring it’s about living with less.

Minimalism simply put is about clarity, purpose, and intentionality.

Putting what we value most first and the removal of everything that is distracting us.

Maximalism is the complete opposite of minimalism.

That does not mean that your space will be cluttered or anything. It’s just visually a little busier.

Maximalist style is about bold patterns, bold color choices, and creativity.

Simply filling a room with more interest and variety.

Think of it as a space that tells a story while shedding light on diversity and functionality.

Unlike minimalism the purpose of maximalism is to allow practicality into your life.

Allow your space to be ever present through flexible styling.

A maximalist will decorate their space with bold pattern mixes and blending them flawlessly.

An abundance of options more so. Plants live heavily in these spaces.

Every inch of the space will be ulitized and there is no set theme portrayed.

Things will sometimes be cohesive and sometimes things won’t match.

Maximalism is often accidental. It can also just be organized that way.

Maximalism is not about a mess or things thrown all over the place either.

There is a reason why those objects live in those places and why they are placed there strategically.

Maximalist’s also seem to get a thrill out of the extreme.

They often times experience order within chaos and find it exciting, motivating, and inspiring.

Yes, you can be both!

It is okay to be the “in between”.

That just means you enjoy having the best of both worlds.

Those people often enjoy having things that are sentimental to them.

They also are too busy to actually maintain a certain look in their homes.

It is necessary to at least have a sense of togetherness within your space.

Just so things don’t lose order.

That is how you maintain comfortability. Some sort of organization is indeed necessary.

The end goal when decorating is to feel at home and at peace in your living space.

You do not want to overwhelm yourself in the process. This should be your breathe of fresh air.

Let it come together naturally.

Do not force a style upon yourself because it’s trendy.

Simply decorate for you, but make sure to maintain some sense of order always.

Let your space be a breeding ground for your creative flows.

Let it be the place where you feel the most like yourself.

Whether it’s optimizing or minimizing. May the process be positive.

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