gaining and maintaining clarity

clarity (noun) : the quality of coherence and intelligibility.

A note as we close out the month of October, focusing on our theme of clarity:

This month really challenged me mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I learned a lot from myself as it relates to acceptance.

Specifically accepting that we do not always think things through in all aspects before reacting.

A lot of us tend to jump and react based on feelings rather than being strategic.

Reacting with emotion is not bad, but reacting solely for all the wrong reasons is.

Bringing harm, or breaking another person through words is never the way to go.

Getting out of character is normal and we all fall off balance every now and then.

Owning our faults and making them right is where the real growth starts.

We all want ourselves to be aligned perfectly, but nothing is ever set to be that way.

No matter how much we try to change it and no matter how much we try to control it.

Here’s a quote I read recently:

”the path is about intentional progress, moving forward, elevating your life, and prevailing through whatever shows up.”

That’s the exact mindset to have while making progress in your life.

Let’s always remember that mindfulness, clarity, and self-awareness all intertwine within each other.

Being conscious of every little bit of what’s going on within ourselves is a great starting point.

We may think we have it all together, yet some of us don’t want to even put our pride to the side to help ourselves grow.

Trust me, that was me this month when handling all my emotions at once and trying to keep them all in.

By the time I finally let them out, they took over in a way that was so ungodly. Repairing what had been let out wasn’t a thought that came across my mind because enough damage had been done. I had to let my mind rest and allow my emotions to float freely.

I realized that it was because of my pride that I even reached that level.

After that realization, I quickly re-evaluated myself and made progress –– and I am still making it.

What's most important to me is my own sanity before anything else.

My inner peace is my trophy and will continue to be, because that’s how I become my highest self.

Always remember to adapt to things that hold great value within your own personal beliefs.

That’s all the strength you’ll need to get by.

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