a seat at the table, but know your worth.

As of recently I’ve been bouncing in and out of my creative mindset.

It’s normal for us to just not feel what we are passionate about sometimes.

Yes, it happens.

Don’t let that set you back and ruin all that you have worked so hard for to achieve.

Feeling discouraged is normal no matter what field of work you may be in. Just take time to mentally evaluate what’s going on and find a proper solution.

Often times we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We beat ourselves up so much that we forget the sole purpose of what we’re doing.

I’m here to let you know that what you’re doing is just fine and to stay on your path.

Know that being confident, positive, and unbothered are all characteristics that we must embrace as humans.

Embrace everything and embrace it with pride.

We cannot look for those characteristics in anyone BUT ourselves.

We are the light that we need to shine on all the dreams we’ve imagined.

Recently, I read this quote:

“Running away from an emotion, is a sure way to carry it with you.” - @nayyirahwaheed

Why run away from anything that we have the power to defeat?

Why run away from anything that we can be greater than?

You shouldn’t!! There’s no need to truly be afraid of anything we have the power to uplift and change for the better.

Tackle all your problems head on and face them with integrity.

Love yourself and all of your flaws.

Stay away from the things that don’t allow you to grow.

Own your distinction, there’s no better you than you. Always remember that.

So, for the month of September and going forward, let this be your motivation to create the life you want to live.

Let this be the motivation you need to succeed.

Let this be the motivation to eliminate all the negative space that’s keeping you stagnant.

Do not be afraid to do anything you know deep down that you’re capable of.

You’re so strong and fearless. I just want you to believe that within yourself.

I was not always this way, but I never told myself I couldn’t do something. I taught myself and executed it flawlessly.

Stay dedicated. Stay focused. Be resilient. Be you.

I’m rooting for you, because dreams don’t truly work until you do.

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