your journey to greatness is only paved by you.

“In any given moment we have two options:

to step forward into growth

or to step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

This isn’t my usual designated decor post, I know.

I wanted to take a moment and chat about contentment instead. 

Living in the age of social media, where it often feels like it is dictating what we should and shouldn’t do, is draining. And to take it a step further, comparing your path to whatever kinds of things others are posting on their individual accounts is not healthy at all.

Understand that determination is the driving force behind being successful, and if that is your aim then there is undoubtably a lot of work to be done. our path and someone else’s do not parallel, regardless of your comparative analysis. We are all different, and taking the time to fully understand that will help you out immensely.

You cannot reach the level that you want to achieve without constant dedication, while simultaneously understanding that as long as you are putting the work in, then all the good things you are manifesting are bound to make themselves visible in due time. You just have to prioritize patience and persistence.

Yes, we all go through hard times, and yes, it’s okay. Your recovery and ability to overcome those hard times matters far more. The sooner you face them and put them behind you, the further you will go. 

I was not always the super-motivated person that I am today, and I admittedly still go through times where I may feel a little less determined than usual, but I push myself. I learned that you’re always your biggest critic and you have to know when + how to uplift yourself when you start to feel down.

I’m a HUGE fan of self-care, and since there are so many different forms, it makes it exciting to find what helps you the most.

For me personally, I tend to lean on meditation more than any other self-care activity. It has really helped me control the part of me that I identify as toxic. I wouldn't have thought that exercises on mindfulness and learning how to breathe could help me the way it did. Another form of self-care that I enjoy is simply doing the things that make me the most happy and attract positivity. For example, outside of my home decor obsession, I’m a candle and skincare fanatic. So shopping for new items that I know will benefit me excites me and brings me joy; because who doesn’t want glowing skin and to smell an uplifting scent via a candle?

Learning to control the bulk of your thoughts is not a skill that comes overnight, because building yourself up to be at the level you need to be takes time. The deeper you commit to wanting to reach the higher level you deserve, the more equipped you will become. 

Change is the greatest thing that we can do to help evolve ourselves. So let’s start that journey today!

I encourage you to break out of that shell and start pushing your self to be the best that you can be. Because the truth is that even if you can’t see it just yet, you will get there. Recognizing that and making it a mantra for yourself everyday is key. 

Taking care of yourself and protecting your energy is what’s important in life, so it is worth taking serious. However, channelling your energy to allow your self-care exercises to circulate around the things you like will really help you flourish. 

Remember that always!

- Tonya

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