mindfully manifesting

"Be careful what you wish for" always seemed like a sketchy saying to me. I just figured that most people wouldn't be wishing for things that they didn't feel they were in need of. But of course, as I evolve, I am realizing that this saying is actually about manifestation in a lot of ways.

Being cognizant of how our behaviors shape our reality is the key to aligned manifestation. We are not our thoughts, but thoughts lead to behaviors and we are what we repeatedly do, so being in tune with our beliefs is a critical component of getting what we wish for.

Through my own personal self-exploration, I have continued to nourish and develop my interest in being of service. Community is essential to all of our stories, and it is the imperative pillar that uplifts our individual abilities by connecting us with others with a paralleling journey. Being

I finally have a crystallized version of the concept that in order to serve, I must first tend to self. As I settle further into receiving my blessings, I am listening to my body more and being more intentional about what I'm asking the universe for through my actions. That's what it is all about – the non-verbal natural inclinations that decide the present direction of our path.

That is what people ultimately mean when they say "be careful what you wish for." It's a forewarning that what's to come is a direct result of what you put out into the universe.

Prepare for what you're manifesting in your life by being mindful of the fact that you will have both pits and pinnacles, but it is important to be gentle with yourself throughout. Practice self-compassion in a way that radically prioritizes your mental wellbeing so that you can offer the best of you to the community you wish to be a part of in whatever way feels right. The rituals that you create will be your source of grounding and a space for you to release that which may not be serving you, so be open, receptive, and intentional about your curation.

You are the determining factor of the direction of the path you journey through. Create a life for yourself that allows you the room to consider which way you're headed.

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