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Fortunate enough for me, I was introduced to Amber through some mutual Twitter followers/friends and I was struck by her ability to allow her magical aura to radiate in a sometimes mentally unsafe space (we all know Twitter can be a lot sometimes). While no one is perfect, Amber appears to have found an enticing balance between being in process while also maintaining a vibration that is consistently heightened, which is no easy feat.

On top of this, Amber is also 1/2 of Brown Girl Alchemy, a brand (curated by her and her mother) that highlights the nuances of black womanhood through an infusion of "radical self-love, spirituality, blackness, and mysticism" in a relatable way. I am elated to have Amber in this space, to share her whimsical ways with our community, and to learn more about the ins and outs of the type magic that her and her mother's brand aims to shed light on.

Amber the Alchemist! Let’s just jump right in and get into the meaning of ‘alchemy.’ What is it and how does it operate?

Alchemy is a magical transformation of reality, a journey of enlightenment, healing and/or illumination. It’s also an ancient science in which base metals were transformed into gold. It was what we now call chemistry, but there was a spiritual connection to alchemy; by being able to purify base metals, they believed they could also purify the human soul. Alchemy in ancient Egypt, which the word (alchemy) originates from, was more mystical and ritualistic than scientific. It connects to one’s personal awareness being a tool to spiritually elevate.

How does alchemy connect to who you are and your personal journey?

I am an alchemist by making conscious decisions to spiritually elevate and enlighten myself.

The amalgamation of my thoughts, desires and actions create a transformation that is reflected regularly in my life and my soul journey.

At what pivotal point in your life did you decide to prioritize wellness and self-care? What drives you to continue to do so?

I was fortunate enough that wellness and self care were both exhibited in my household. Growing up in a family where mental illness affects our daily lives, my mom exercised rituals and routines that tended to her mental, physical and spiritual health. Sometimes it was as simple as going to get a pedicure to relax and relieve stress, other times it was taking a weekend trip by herself to disconnect and realign herself. Not only did I observe, but also participated and carried those rituals into my adult life. The only difference from then and now is the intention behind my wellness and self care practices.

Your unique take on wellness, paired with the experiences and voice of your mother, has birthed a very enticing brand: Brown Girl Alchemy. Can you share with us how BGA came to be and what the intentions are for it?

Brown Girl Alchemy is a genuine manifestation of my mom and I’s relationship as well as our connected spiritual journey. She is my soul mate and we have such an inseparable bond, for the first fifteen years of my life it was just her & I as life partners. We did everything under the sun together and she has always been so transparent about her journey and sharing the lessons she’s learned along the way. Our relationship truly molded the woman that I am today. She was already a source of light and wisdom to myself and my friends, and it naturally evolved into a brand as we are both writers and healers basking in our blackness.

Our platform was created in the spirit of initiating a collective consciousness amongst brown girls. Eventually we want to shift the representation of brown girls, but it must first begin with how we feel about ourselves and each other, self love being the nucleus. When we are able to celebrate ourselves, it’s easier for us to celebrate each other and embrace our collective power. We are also aiming to demystify spirituality and mysticism.

How has your relationship with your mother evolved since creating the BGA platform and what can we expect from BGA in the future?

We’ve always journeyed together, but journaling together has enhanced our relationship in the most uplifting way. We both are very busy and have our individual lives which can, of course, cause separation. But, having this platform forces us to not only connect daily, but be present in each other’s lives. Our podcast is our therapy and enables us to connect without distraction and nourish our love. You can expect an expansion in merchandise and product offerings, events, workshops and more original content!

What are some tips that you would offer brown girls that are interested in curating their own alchemy practice?

By having accessibility to the lives of others through social media, it’s easy for us to rely on others for information, or compare our lives to others. Create your own rituals and practices! Focus less on what you see other’s do and more on what makes you feel good. Figure out exactly what it is that you want and create small rituals to support the growth in those areas.

The beauty of alchemy is that there isn’t just one way to transform. The true magic is what’s within, trust your intuition and alchemize your life on our own terms. I also recommend creating a sacred space or altar where you feel at peace and can spend time with yourself at- make the space looks good, feels good, and even smells good!

How do you incorporate alchemy + wellness into your everyday hustle?

I implement routines and rituals that guide or uplift my spirit daily; prayer, journaling, magic, reflection, meditation, etc. My mornings always begin with prayer at my altar and are followed by a tarot meditation. By pulling a couple of cards I’m given messages that I need to receive or be mindful of for the day or week. I also work closely with crystals, so I wear jewelry that vibrates energy that I am channeling, or carry the actual crystal in my purse. Researching astrological placements through apps or YouTube is a routine for me, as well. When I’m aware of cosmic influences, I’m more conscious of how I should be navigating through my day.

What are three things you are affirming for yourself right now?

  • My gifts & power were exclusively provided by divine source & my ancestors, therefore they can’t be replicated.

  • The (r)evolution begins with self.

  • I am a magnet that attracts all things love and opportunity.

Your current favorite:

Skin-care brand — Don’t have one right now, been doing my own thing :(

Song — J. Cole -ATM

Wellness practice — Tarot meditation & journaling

Person — Tracee Ellis Ross

Crystal — Red Jasper

Mantra — “I’m in a boss bitch mood.. if you ain’t a boss bitch, move” - Cardi B

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