lighting + tonal appreciation

Let’s chat about one of my favorite things: LIGHTING!

Let’s be honest, do you pay attention to the lighting in your home? Most people actually don’t, which is understandable. The lighting surrounding you can have a lasting effect on your emotions but not many people take time to fully acknowledge that. I mean come on, when it’s sunny outside you’re more likely to smile as opposed to when it’s raining and gloomy, right? So, the same applies here, lighting has the ability to shift emotion. Here's how:

1. natural light

Natural light is one of the best sources for lighting. It’s one of those effects that leaves your home feeling cheery, warm, and inviting. It also has the capability to to leave you feeling more upbeat when you're surrounded by it. Additionally, lighting has an effect on how a room feels, specifically as far as making it seem small and enclosed or open and roomy. As time goes by throughout the day, depending on the amount of access to natural lighting you'll have, you’ll notice a shift in how alert you are which is one of the reasons why people prefer to have floor to ceiling windows versus mid ranged window settings.

2. color lighting

Colored lighting has a unique effect on emotions as well since it can change the way a room feels and draw different emotions out of you. For example, red and purple lighting can make you feel sensual and sultry, orange lighting helps the creative thought process, blue lighting brings peace, and green lighting is known to strengthen. In terms of building up your mental health repertoire, colored lighting is something everyone should incorporating into their spaces depending on their needs.

3. mood lighting

Mood lighting allows us to have more control over the specific mood that we're aiming for. Lighting a few candles can create the vibe you want to give off, and something as simple as adding a dimmer to your lighting system can help you create a safe emotional space that fits your needs.

This was just a brush over of the different ways to play with the lighting in your home, and regardless of your favorite among them all, tonal appreciation is important beyond just aesthetically. Always keep in mind that it is imperative that we take the spaces that we regularly exist within and make them our own for the sake of our mental health.

Be encouraged to exist colorfully. You are allowed.

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