decisions, decisions

I have a decision to make.

It is a decision that if you told me 6 months I would be making, I would have kissed you. But now, I am here at this point, with this decision and I haven't been kissing anyone. Apparently this decision will change the course of my life. Damn. The course of my life? Two months ago, the biggest decision I was making was "am I doing yin yoga or vinyasa today?"

Well now, I am having to choose the graduate school that will propel and formalize me into my professional work.

Graduate school. The place that I will conduct research on different communities and find sustainable ways to nourish these communities, the place I will meet other health professionals and engage in conversations that catapult me into a realm of healthy living and loving, the place where I will continue this cool journey God presented before me. The place that I am supposed be.

Hm. Decisions, decisions.

I figure that the realest way to address this is in a vulnerable way where I share my process in hopes of allowing someone else to have a resource.

So — let's weigh the pros & cons:


  • One school's program aligns exactly with what I have been preaching for a year now - the other school's program aligns with exactly what I have been DOING for a year now.

  • One school's environment (weather, livelihood and culture) is literally where I belong: warm and poppin' at all times (chance of rain at times, but I'll live) - the other school's environment is my stomping ground, I was raised in the area and have grown to love what it has transformed into.


  • One school would take me away from my family and closest friends - the other school's environment (weather, livelihood and culture) is not my cup of tea, not much fluidity and not enough skin showing at all times (if you know what I mean).

As I write these pros and cons - literally right now - I realize that one neither is better nor worse than the other. In fact, every conversation I have had with God and my true self, paired with the amazing advice that I have received, has brought me to the conclusion that wherever I go I am OK. Wherever I am, I am OK.

So I say all of this to say, that while there will always be decisions to be made, if you bring love and good intention into your choices then these decisions will always actually manifest into blessings, on blessings.



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