encouraging a sunny stillness

In our journey to and through self-love and self-actualization, we can often just need to take a pause.

To absorb.

To download.

To question.

To embrace.

One of the best ways to do all of the above is through reading poetry. The most beautiful thing about poetry is that - similar to a wildflower - it cannot be contained because the way that it takes shape, form, and importance, is based on perception. So pausing with a good poetry book, or collection, is a meaningful way to utilize art in order to gather insight on the world around us.

The only thing better than sitting with the creative work of others, is when those others provide representation of our own identity. Luckily enough for us all, the universe has aligned it so that we can present you with an artist - Gabrielle Hickmon - that offers us just that. Gabrielle is not only the author of the upcoming poetry collection 'sunny.', but also a member of the very community that the Well Wildflower platform aims to support - women in the margins seeking ways to be well. One of Gabrielle's ways is through writing, and her first book is an ode to those of us on a path to discovering what makes us whole.

According to Gabrielle, 'sunny.' is a collection of poetry and prose about the ins and outs, ups and downs, and twists and turns of life and love. Rooted in the notion that "everything is a peace of a poem, if you're paying attention," 'sunny.' explores how to learn to love yourself, what happens to the love when a relationship ends, and how love finds us in even the seemingly minute details of life alone or with someone else.

April 16th is the release date for the collection, so head over to Gabrielle Hickmon's website to learn more about her work and to pre-order your copy of a book that is guaranteed to provide you with access to ​​your own light.

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