how-to Q2:

The beginning of any month is often coupled with new anxieties, as well as lingering energy stemming from reflections about the month prior. The beginning of April, for some of us, is even more anxiety-provoking because it is also representative of the beginning of the second quarter of the year. This means that we are not only further along in our transition into spring, but we are also in phase two of four of executing a productive and fully-aligned year.

So what does all of this mean in a practical sense? Essentially, now is the time to pair reflection and action together in order to shift into a space of abundance. So in this first week of the first quarter, sit with yourself and the tangible evidence of the work that you have done thus far in the year, and assess how each part of your life feels. It is important not to bombard ourselves with too many specifics of all the things that we need to get done before we even allow our intuition time to relay internal messages to us.

Some key ways to make sure this shift goes smoothly are as follows:

  • break your life down into the 5 most prominent areas of focus (this will be different for everyone, but some exemplary areas are family, mental health, physical health, spirituality/religion, work, school, finances, etc.)

  • ask yourself how each of the 5 areas could feel more abundant (do you need to spend more time on one area? do you need to equalize your efforts?)

  • ask people you trust to give you honest feedback about how you're doing so far this year and be receptive in the process.

  • make a list of one thing that you're grateful for in each area (this helps us to be self-compassionate)

  • make a list of three actionable steps (per focus area) that you can take to progress each area

  • come up with healthy incentives to offer yourself for bringing more equanimity to your life

It is critical for everyone to note that not completing all of the goals you intended to within the first three months of the year is normal, and should be viewed as an opportunity to readjust, instead of an opportunity for negative self-talk. If it is not already in your personal self-help toolkit to be kind to yourself, add it today. After we have made the decision to adjust and enhance our productivity in the new quarter, we must practice self-compassion and be quick to forgive our shortcomings and move beyond them.

In order to excel, we must be cognizant of the fact that growth is not linear nor instantaneous --- it is a lifelong process that consistently requires us to bend out of our current shape in order to acquire a new one. With that considered, we must continuously remind ourselves to meet our focus with flexibility.

Work well. Be well. Stay well.

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