on bringing meaning to spring cleaning

Spring has finally sprung! Well, minus that pesky snow we just had here in the northeast, it is officially spring on the calendar. Aside from pretty flowers, longer days, and warmer weather, my favorite part of spring is spring cleaning. As cliche as it sounds, spring cleaning your spaces can have a major impact on your mind and your mood.

Here are some tips for deep spring cleaning your spaces this spring so you can simultaneously clear your mind:

  • The first thing I always tackle is my bedroom. For me, a clean bedroom is so important for keeping me in a good mood. When my room is cluttered, my mind is cluttered. While my room stays pretty clean on the surface, I struggle with the smaller spaces in my room like my closet, drawers, storage compartments, and the worst, under my bed. Set aside some time to really cover all of the bases of your bedroom. Donate old clothes, and trash things you have no use for. Buy yourself something pretty to organize your things. Do a deep clean of your storage compartments and little spaces in your room. You will probably find that lipstick you lost three months ago, or your favorite pair of socks. De-cluttering your bedroom is so important for a clear mind. Take the opportunity after you clean to re-arrange some items. Make space for a new plant or piece of furniture. Organize your makeup. Rearrange your bookshelf. Make space in your closet. Having a clean and organized room does wonders for having a clear mind. Every so often I find that clothes are just piling up in my room and I don’t have enough space. I am forever running into this problem, but there is a fix. If you are like me, ask yourself this: “Have I forgotten that I have this?” “Does this make me feel cute when I wear it?” “Do I really get use out of this or am I just holding on to this for x reason?” Do you know how many items of clothing I’ve forgotten about? I look at it like this: if I forgot about it, clearly I don’t love it enough. Consider your honest answers and then give it to someone you know could use it, or donate it somewhere that could find a place where it can be put to good use. This always makes me feel great, and makes room for new pieces I love to make their way into my closet. This is such a big step when it comes to feeling good. Everyone wants clothes that make them feel good. If a piece of clothing doesn’t make you feel amazing, find somewhere for it to go where it can do that for someone else. Look good, feel good is such a true statement, so make room!

  • The next things I tackle are my purses and wallets. Wallets may seem like an odd thing to have on this list, but there is no use for old receipts in your wallet that take up useful space. Clear out coupons that have expired. Get rid of old business cards you have no use for anymore or find somewhere to store them. Trash old gift cards from years ago that you already spent. If you keep track of your receipts when you update your finances, find a place outside of your wallet to store them in case you need them later after you account for them in your spreadsheet or wherever you keep track. Having them in your wallet takes up space and makes for a headache when you go shopping and your receipts are falling out every time you open your wallet. Along with cleaning out your wallet, clean out your bags too. You will be surprised at what you can find in the compartments of your bag. Doing this makes your bag feel new, and you will get the same thrill like the first time you wore it. Don’t just clean out your go-to bag. Take the time to clean all of your bags out. Who knows? You may just find some extra dollars in there. If not, you’re guaranteed to find some hair ties or bobby pins.

  • The next thing to tackle is your car. Though this will be the first spring with my car, (I was extremely late to the driving and car game, lol) I can’t wait to get her washed and cleaned out. I love riding around when she’s fresh and clean with a fresh scent. I’ve only gotten a car wash twice because the weather never seems to cooperate when I want one, but the two times I did, I felt like I was driving her off of the lot. After all of the icky winter weather we’ve had here, it’s a great time to clean out your car. Even if you don’t live in a place where snow is a thing in the winter, it is still a great time to get a fresh carwash. If driving stresses you out, you’ll feel better in a fresh smelling and fresh looking car. Take the five pairs of shoes along with the three coats in your trunk in the house and make some space in your trunk. Buy a car scent or something cute to put in your car and have fun driving around. It feels so much better riding in a clean car.

Throughout the year, especially the winter season, we are often so stuck in a routine of putting things places, or just storing them anywhere. With that being said, we should use the spring as an opportunity for a fresh start. Spring is a time for renewal, and it always affects us psychologically - so with the spring in the beginning stages, we want to capitalize on our space and clear it out in order to reflect the season. As we always say, make room for your bloom, and take some time to deep clean your space. Let's activate those good vibes. :)

- Kandace

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