peace, decor, and a little greenery.

Having a plant haven in your home never hurt a soul.

Plants are a great addition to any space when it comes to incorporating more life into your home or work place.

Plants are complimentary to any color palette you may have going on.

While there are all types of ways to decorate rooms to add to your aesthetic, the benefits from adding plant life to them is 100% worthwhile.

There are over a million kinds of plants in the world and the majority of them come with health benefits. As we all pretty much know, plants can release oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and even help purify the air in your spaces. Additionally, placing some greenery around your home or work space — and being mindful enough to space them out accordingly — can reduce the noise that may be draining your energy or distracting you throughout your day.

When thinking of design, adding plants in your spaces is also incredibly visually appealing as well. They add color and sophiscation to any open or closed space. So whether it’s creating a plant sanctuary or just collecting a few, any start is a good start.

Now, let’s get you started on the basics.

Start with leafy greens like:

  • banana plant (musa)

  • monstera (swiss cheese plant)

  • dracena

  • kentia palm

  • sansevieria laurentii (snake plant)

  • spider plant

  • golden pothos

  • or even a chinese evergreen.

Here's some plant facts for beginners (feel free to download/save these images as reminders for yourself):

**Any of these plants will be beneficial no matter what size/kind you choose. **

Get familiar with these plants and give them lots of love and attention.

Plants have a life of their own and need to be tended to just like humans.

Now let’s talk placement!

When placing these babies you have to remember that placement relies on three things if you want them to have a successful plant life: aesthetics, air purity considerations, light requirements and the spacing needed for the type of species.

** So, for example, if you are curious of what to place in the bathroom — try a snake plant. They don’t require much sunlight and can help purify the air in the bathroom. Bathrooms are obviously subject to a variety of smells and a snake plant can help balance. As for places like the bedroom area, you can choose just about anything, but if you want specific benefits like help with reducing anxiety and a peaceful sleep, choose plants like lavender and jasmine.

Another noteworthy takeaway is to remember to ALWAYS take advantage of your space! Don’t be intimidated by placement and sparsely furnished rooms, larger plants are the perfect space to play around in. Choose plants like dracaenas or philodendron to fill up those rooms. Get creative and even paint the pots or choose pots with patterns and color for dimension in those spaces.

Just keep in mind the needs of those plants as well. In smaller rooms, large plants tend to crowd the space, so choose smaller plants with larger leaves like a aralia or a boston fern.

Just remember to have fun! Buy plants that go with your theme, buy plants that are easy enough for you to manage, and buy plants that will benefit your wellbeing in the ways that you may need.


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