how to hop back on the high vibe train after falling off

High vibrations are really hot right now. It seems like everyone is talking about keeping the negativity to a minimum and people are embracing a path to a more joyful life. It makes me happy to see this collective shift happen in-person and on social media. It’s a beautiful thing. The “good vibes” concept is widely marketed across brands in different industries as well.

I myself, have a juice brand that infuses the laws of the Universe into its story. The philosophy is that if you put good energy into the Universe, you’ll experience goodness in return. I believe this and do a lot of soul searching to maintain this cycle of good karma.

Those who are really about this high vibe life know that it is a daily practice and a continual balancing of your lower and higher self. The truth is that it isn’t easy to stay in a high vibe state all the time. My personal feelings on where the trend falls short is the glamorization of “good energy” and the lack of acknowledgment of people’s real-life problems. It doesn’t go deep enough, which is where the transformation truly happens.

Yes, we as humans are full of light but we are also full of darkness. It’s our dual nature, the yin and yang within, that makes us who we are. Throughout my life, I’ve had moments of pettiness, jealousy, fear, sadness, loneliness, and I’ve also been just plain unlucky. On the other hand, I’ve been blissful, loving, secure, at peace, spontaneous, and have attracted magnificent situations.

The question becomes: how does one balance the dark emotions without swimming in a pool of low vibration?

In my experience, falling into a funk is a shift in perspective. Although high-vibrational living is my go-to, I’d be lying if I told you I never fall from grace. But, here is how I make my Cosmic comeback:

Acknowledgement: Having negative feelings is not wrong. It is most-likely your ego trying to protect you. That’s it’s job. The first step in vibrating higher is acknowledging your lower self and showing compassion for him/her. The moment you ignore your feelings, they start to fester and we all know what happens next – an explosion (whatever that looks like for you). It’s okay to say, “I am experiencing jealousy right now, but I know that I am not a jealous person.” When you own your truth, you can decide to stay the same or evolve.

Accountability: You must accept how your negative thought patterns and behaviors have led you to manifest your current reality. Blaming your upbringing, parents, financial situation, environment, shortcomings, etc. can only go so far. It is true that all those things contribute to your experience but you and only can do your soul work. You are responsible for your life and trajectory. Holding yourself accountable is so important because if you tend to blame outside forces for your reality, you are operating in victim mode. The power is within you. You hold the keys.

Action: Let’s say your decision was to evolve. This is where your willpower kicks in. You must act to really get clear about the type of energy you want to put out. For me, ritual plays a huge part in training my mind for abundance. I use practices like meditation, clean eating, physical activity, listening to high vibe podcasts, and a few other things to keep myself on track. The moment I stop doing one or all these things, I almost immediately fall into old thought patterns. I must really commit to exercising the muscles necessary to stay in a place of abundance. It can be daunting to think about taking action, especially when you’re busy or just aren’t interested in common wellness practices. Your task then becomes to create your own rituals. Find things that make you happy and do them often.

Appreciation: Living in gratitude is the number one factor in maintaining a high-vibrational state. I notice that all the lower energies that come up are not rooted in anything. They are simply me not appreciating all that is beautiful and whole in my life. The phrase “wake up and smell the roses” definitely applies here. Although being grateful sounds easy, it can be difficult when you are not acknowledging your truth, holding yourself accountable and taking action.

This Cosmic comeback is worth giving a try, especially because it is a collection of small efforts that will inevitably take you to a place of abundance. The moment you get in true alignment with acknowledgement, accountability, action, and appreciation, you’ll begin to find your flow again. Put it in practice, play with it, and discover the possibility that has always been yours.

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