what a 30-day mental diet taught me

Organization has always been a strong suit of mine, but only when it comes to tangible things. My room has always been neat, my workspace neat, but the one thing that seemed messy was my actual life. When I say that, I only mean in reference to planning out my days, weeks, and months. I just had a bunch of sticky notes everywhere but no actual place to keep everything. I decided I wanted to get and actually use a planner. I wanted an in-depth planner, and our founder introduced me to the Law of Attraction planner which has seriously been changing the game for me. It aligns with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and came with many only tools and resources to help me get the most out of the planner. Sidenote: if you haven’t read it yet, please do. It will change your life.

One of the online resources that came with my planner suggested a 30 day mental diet. This included no watching or listening to the news,replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, taking time a few times a day to become aware of your feelings , and the “Look Up” activity.

I studied journalism in college so of course, I had conflicted feelings on this because we learned the importance of knowing what is going on in the world around you. Until this, I would watch the news every morning while getting ready for work but what I didn’t realize was the impact it was having on me mentally. The news oftentimes is depressing and it was impacting my mental health. All the news did for me was cause fear, anxiety and stress. I came to understand that anything that was super important and would impact me, someone would tell me, and they did. I took this beyond 30 days and I no longer watch the news. It amazes me what that has done for my overall mental health.

Until recently, I didn’t realize how frequently I said the words “I can’t,” or “it won’t,” or spoke out how badly something was going to turn out. Right after I would utter a negative phrase, I would quickly counter it with a positive one until it became habit that when I have a negative thought, I speak out the positive. Now if I’m tempted to comment how bad something is, I speak the opposite until I believe it, and until it rings true. I was challenged to watch my emotions and to take the time to ask myself how I feel. When I stop and check in with myself, I become aware and can take necessary steps to shift my mood.

The activity I enjoyed most was the “look up” activity. A few times a day, I was challenged to just pause and look up for a second. I didn’t realize the shift it could have in my mood. I felt connected spiritually and with this activity often came the reminder that I was put on this earth for a purpose and I have a duty to fulfill it. It really put things into perspective.

These may seem like small things, but the impact they made on me and my overall well-being was phenomenal. I felt better internally and when you feel good, you attract good things. I didn’t realize how my words and habits were narrating the events in my life until I tried this activity. I truly learned the important of raising my frequency and the power of positivity.

- Kandace

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