food feelings


Let me just start off by saying thank you and I am so happy to be sharing this with you.

I absolutely love food and it has taken me quite awhile to express that and the emotions I have had surrounding food. "Food Feelings" is a buildup of my experience (thus far) with wellness pertaining to food.

I believe that in this developed world, where we are bombarded by this idea of choice, food choices are made SO difficult; couple that with the overpowering images in the media that focus on diet trends, new-age technology and quick fixes and it is that much more difficult.

Subjective nourishment seems hard and if you feel like you struggle with "maintaining a healthy weight", it can seem even harder. For these reasons and many others, I bring you "Food Feelings".

Yes, I can be here to consult with you on your food habits but I am here mostly because I want to learn and share experiences with you - click the services tab above, book an appointment and let's chat about food. :)

Watch my video below to get more insight as to why Food Feelings was birthed.



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