transitioning into a life of consistent self-improvement

At the end of every year, I find myself reflecting, and the end of 2017 was no different. While I checked off some very important things on my to-do list, I still felt like I came up short. There were some personal things that I really wanted to improve. I began this self-reflection as I began filling in my planner for the new year. There were questions like “where am I now?” and “where do I want to go?” but the question that really made me pause was “how do I get there?” I had to stop and think.

I know my career goals and how I want to get there, but when it came to other goals in other areas of my life that focused on self-improvement, I didn’t have a set plan. I knew I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to keep learning during this time I’m taking between undergrad and grad school. I wanted to grow spiritually. I wanted to save more money. All these things I knew, but the question still remained. How do I get there?

I knew to improve myself, I needed a real plan, with real steps.

First, I had to sit and look at all aspects of my life. I looked at my eating habits and spending habits. I looked at what I was doing with my time. I looked at the nature of my words and actions and how they were affecting me. When I took all of these things into consideration, I realized I was not on track for getting where I wanted to go. I was eating whatever and not exercising or taking care of my body. I was not speaking positively about myself. I was spending unnecessary money. I was wasting valuable time on things that were not conducive to the life I want to live. I wasn’t taking enough time for me. In gathering all of this insight, I realized that it was time for a change.

I was never one for New Year’s resolutions really, but I do like to set goals for myself to improve. The problem is, I would say what I wanted, and I wouldn’t believe it would really happen or that I could really do it. I wasn’t doing my part either. So in order to change this, I started small. I began making small changes and setting small goals for myself to accomplish weekly, and it has really been working. I still have days where every single thing doesn’t get checked off, but I am making progress.

  • I have started working the gym into my routine.

  • I’ve started logging my food and exercise, and while losing some pounds would be nice, I am really understanding the importance of taking care of my body. Watching what I eat, and put on and into my body has become a big priority.

  • I became one of those people who asks for the receipt everywhere I go so I can see where my money is going, cut back and set an accurate budget.

  • I have been working on my spiritual journey. I have been watching my words and being mindful of the things I am speaking into the Universe. Affirming has become part of my daily routine, and I am training my mind to think positive thoughts.

  • I learned how the importance of meditation can help with stress, anxiety, and all of the negative emotions that stem because of those things. I have added that to my daily routine and the changes have been incredible so far. I’m not so moody or irritable and little things don’t have power over my mood like they used to.

  • I love fiction reading but I’ve taken a break from fiction books to read books that will teach me something.

The overall impact that these changes have had on myself is remarkable. I feel better and I truly believe I will get the results I’m seeking, not just for short term, but for the long haul. I am working hard to keep these positive habits so I can constantly improve myself and work towards being the best me I can be. It is my hope that in sharing this transitional stage of my life, that I can inspire a similar shift in the lives of others.

So wherever you are, just start from there.



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