pull down that car mirror & tell yourself that you are BOMB

February 16, 2018


I'm Kelechi, the fitness + nutrition consultant for Well Wildflower, welcome to my first blog post! 



I am incredibly excited to be a part of a platform that promotes self discovery because I find one of the most magical ways to discover yourself is through others’ testimonies and their lessons learned.


With that, check out the video I pieced together on gym anxiety, how I overcame my anxiety, and tips you can use personally or share with those you know are struggling.


Thank you for letting me talk super fast & be vulnerable with you. 



To get you comfortable moving and kickstart your rampage of being bomb AF, below I have a quick 45 minute workout you can do at home. You will need:

  • your very capable body

  • an open space 

  • water 

  • bumpin’ music 

Challenge yourself, have fun, and remember that SOMETHING is better than nothing! Small steps forward are still steps forward.




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