putting the ease in breathing easy

August 11, 2017

In an attempt to kickstart us all into a space of redirection, realignment, and renewal, now is a better time than any to explore mantras and affirmations and how they act similarly to one another to aid us in being our best selves.


For those who are unaware or only slightly familiar, by definition a Mantra (mon-truh) is: "a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words [sometimes in Sanskrit] believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers. In contrast, an Affirmation, by definition, is "the action or process of affirming something."




I know that the difference between the two appears to be minuscule, but to me they are different in that a mantra is a short word, sound or phrase that is associated with a more profound meaning than just the word itself; while an affirmation is a longer, but still succinct, more fleshed out version of a mantra that is very specific about its assertion. 


I have several different mantras that I use to revert me back to a space I feel like I may need to be in, depending on whatever moment I find myself in. Some of the mantras that I refer to most often are:

  • Om: to remind me that I am one with that which surrounds me

  • Presence: to remind me that nothing but the moment I'm in is happening

  • Magic: to remind me of the power that exists within me

  • Intention: to remind me that it is up to me, all of it, everything

  • Zen: to remind me to breathe and collect my peace

I also attempt to make a short list of affirmations, weekly, that I can use to recenter my experience throughout the week when it gets cluttered. Here are my most recent ones:

  • I am not my insecurities.

  • I am not afraid of the potential that I withhold.

  • I know that I will never be without genuine love in my life, because many people recognize me as someone worth loving - myself included.

  • I know that no lack of time-management skills can keep me from my blessings because what is for me cannot miss me. 

  • At any second, I can decide to start moving in any way that serves me and be unapologetic about that. 

  • My own self-servitude is not selfish if it is met honestly, and with love.

I'm sure that some, if not all, of the mantras and affirmations I've written up this week can be applied to most of us; but feel free to start your own process by taking whichever one(s) speaks most to you and modify it in whatever way serves you. 


When you're ready to craft your own just remember that words have meaning, and we're all in need of something, so take some time to think about whatever meaning you may need to manifest into your life and jot down some mantras and affirmations surrounding that. Repeat them to yourself, gently, whenever you feel like you need a reminder and watch the ways that projection will work to reform you so that your situation follows suit. 

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