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take what resonates and use it to liberate.


1:1 Therapeutic Consulting Sessions

individualized sessions with Taylor Blossom, M.S. to help you contextualize your challenges, release patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve you, and lean into the light within.


The Sunday Center

a monthly (currently virtual) space for womxn of color to breathe and be as they explore, release, restore, and remember the magic of true communal care. 

download The Grounding Guide

a free guided workbook by Taylor Blossom, M.S. to assist with holistically grounding your energy and remembering and returning to your essence.


listen to our podcast

The Blossom Pod is an open dialogue featuring Taylor Blossom and tons of guests with various lived experiences on what it looks like to blossom in the direction of the highest good.

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"to blossom is to remember."

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